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I was very displesed with her.She showed up 45 minutes late to our appointment.

When we submitted the offer on the house we were buying, she failed to submit to seller for two days and we lost the house to another buyer. Violated Texas real estate laws. This was a very bad experience for my husband and I.

I do not recommend this realtor for any one looking to buy a house.If you are serious about buying a house, I would not use her as your realtor, the offers you make on houses may never reach the seller.

Review about: Late Appointment.



I would like to personally deny this accusation, and ask that whomever wrote this to please contact me.I do not and have not ever conducted my business as such and if you check out my credentials on Houston Association Of Realtors, you will find that I have 5 gold stars for outstanding customer service.

I have never worked with a Clarice nor know a buyer named Clarice.

This situation never occured and the whole story is just such, a false and hurtful story.The person who wrote such falsehoods should be ashamed of themselves.


This is a complete fabrication about one of the top producing Realtors for the Houston area.Teresa Kennedy is a 5 Star Award Winnning Realtor for Customer Service and will be featured in Texas Monthly magazine.

If this is a real buyer then they need to contact Teresa Kennedy personally and meet with her and her broker to resolve any wrong doings.I have never heard of any negative comments about this top notch Realtor and find it sad that someone would write such nonsense.

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